Mohammad Javad Shafiee

Research Assistant Professor

Eihab Abdel-Rahman Contact Information

Office: EC4 2038N
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 35342
Fax: (519) 746-4791


  • BASc - Computer Science and Engineering, Shiraz University
  • MASc - Artificial Intelligence, Shiraz University
  • PhD -  Computer Vision and Machine Learning, University of Waterloo

Research Interests

  • Efficient and real-time artificial intelligence methods:
    • Evolutionary deep intelligence approaches to synthesize efficient deep architectures.
    • Embedded and IoT-based deep intelligence methods.
    • Probabilistic deep structure models to generate and synthesize efficient deep neural networks.
  •  Efficient and effective graphical modeling
    • Deep-structured fully connected conditional random fields for efficient and accurate structural
    •  Randomly connected random fields for long-range spatial modeling in structural inference.
    •  Efficient inference approaches for Bayesian inference.
  •  Statistical Computer Vision & Machine Learning
    • Development and applications of video surveillance and monitoring.
    • Semantic image segmentation and object localization in image and video stream data.
    • Designing new feature extraction algorithms for object classification and object saliency detection applications.
  •  Medical Image Processing
    • Development of quantitative and stochastic features for characterization and modeling of tissue
    • Synthesizing new medical images (multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging, MP-MRI)
      based on analytical algorithms.
    •  Prostate cancer analysis (cancer detection and grading) via MP-MRI and computed tomography (CT).
    •  Lung cancer detection and classification using CT images.
    • Skin diseases classification using multi-spectral imaging data.


Dr. Shafiee’s full list of publications can be found here

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