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Maya Przybylski

O'Donovan Director / Associate Professor
Maya Przybylski
519-888-4567 x 47646
Location: ARC 2018
Link to profile: Maya Przybylski

Arfa Aijazi

Assistant Professor

Mohamad T. Araji

Associate Professor / Associate Director, Research / Director - AE Program
Mohamad Araji
Location: ARC 2102
Link to profile: Mohamad T. Araji

Philip Beesley

University Professor
Philip Beesley
Location: ARC 3019
Link to profile: Philip Beesley

Tara Bissett

Assistant Professor
headshot of Tara Bissett
Link to profile: Tara Bissett

Adrian Blackwell

Associate Professor
image of Adrian Blackwell
Location: ARC 2024
Link to profile: Adrian Blackwell

Terri Meyer Boake

Professor / Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies
image of Terri Meyer Boake
Location: ARC 3012
Link to profile: Terri Meyer Boake

David Correa

Associate Professor
David Correa Headshot
Location: ARC 3017
Link to profile: David Correa
Link to personal webpage: David Correa

Elizabeth English

Elizabeth English Headshot
Location: ARC 2017
Link to profile: Elizabeth English
Link to personal webpage: Elizabeth English

Jaliya Fonseka

Jaliya Fonseka headshot
+1 647-213-4789
Link to profile: Jaliya Fonseka

David T Fortin

David Fortin headshot
Location: ARC 2014
Link to profile: David T Fortin

Jane Mah Hutton

Associate Professor
Jane Mah Hutton Headshot
Location: ARC 3013
Link to profile: Jane Hutton

Rick Haldenby

Rick Haldenby headshot
Location: ARC 2021
Link to profile: Rick Haldenby

Anwar Jaber

Assistant Professor

Marie-Paule Macdonald

Associate Professor
Marie-Paule Macdonald
Location: ARC 3004
Link to profile: Marie-Paule Macdonald

John McMinn

John McMinn headshot
Location: ARC 3009
Link to profile: John McMinn

Val Rynnimeri

Associate Professor
image of Val Rynnimeri
Location: ARC 3006
Link to profile: Val Rynnimeri

Lola Sheppard

Professor / Associate Director, Graduate Studies
image of Lola Sheppard
Location: ARC 2012
Link to profile: Lola Sheppard
Link to personal webpage: Lola Sheppard

John Straube

Associate Professor
John Straube
Location: CPH 2373H
Link to profile: John Straube

Quan Thai

Lecturer, Emerging Practitioner

Robert Jan van Pelt

University Professor
Headshot of Robert Jan van Pelt
Location: ARC 2022
Link to profile: Robert Jan van Pelt

Tracey Eve Winton

Associate Professor
Tracey Eve Winton
Location: ARC 2013
Link to profile: Tracey Winton

Linda Zhang

Assistant Professor