Program information

The Department of Biology offers thesis based graduate training at both the M.Sc. (Master of Science) and Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) levels.

Please see our Regulation and Guidelines Booklet (PDF) for a comprehensive overview.

Students are eligible to enroll in the General Biology program or the Integrated Water Management program. 

Committee Meetings, Proposals, Comp Exams, and Defenses

Please contact the Graduate Office Assistant or April Wettig to set up your meetings, proposals and defences. 

We're able to book your meeting at any time, so please come prepared with a specific date and time. You can use a scheduling tool, like, to schedule the meeting with your committee members.

Please complete one of the Meeting Request Forms and e-mail or hand them in to the Biology Grad Office after you have confirmed details with your supervisor and committee.

MSc and PhD Proposal

Further to the Regulations and Guidelines linked to above, more information regarding the MSc and Phd Thesis Proposal is available here:

Thesis Proposal Guidelines (February 2003)

Comprehensive Exam

Further to the Regulations and Guidelines linked to above, more information regarding the PhD Comprehensive Exam is available here:

Comprehensive Exam Guidelines (October 2011)

Thesis Defence Checklist

Steps to follow when completing and defending your thesis.


Program Extension

Students who are over their program time limits will be asked to complete the Program Extension form available on the Graduate Studies Office website. The official name is the "Petition for Extension of Program Time Limits."

Be sure to attach a report indicating your progress and a plan for the completion of your degree program (including a time line).

The Biology Graduate Office will contact all students who will require a Program Extension each term with the necessary form and deadline provided.  These forms are due on the 15th of the month before your extension term (April, August, December) to the Biology Graduate Office.