Anne Innis Dagg

88-09-11 – image of Anne from 1988

The Department of Biology and the Faculty of Science is saddened to share that Anne Innis Dagg, a groundbreaking Canadian zoologist, feminist and environmentalist, passed away on April 1, 2024. She studied and worked at the University of Waterloo from the 1960s through 2013, pursuing a wide range of research interests. In Fall 2022, we hosted a temporary exhibition on Anne's life's work in the STC building highlighting her poems, writings and artifacts she collected over the years while studying giraffes. Dr. Innis Dagg visited to discuss her career and life as a pioneering woman in science, connecting with a new generation of scientists.

Her solo overseas research adventures were recounted in the 2011 CBC Radio’s Ideas program “Wild Journey: The Anne Innis Story,” and the 2018 documentary “The Woman Who Loves Giraffes.

To learn more about Dr. Innis Dagg's impact on the university, read about her contributions to our library.

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