Associate Professor

Rebecca RooneyRebecca Rooney carries out research in wetland ecology and is a world expert on biomonitoring and wetland assessment.

Rebecca Rooney examines how human-caused and natural ecological disturbances influence wetland communities, including birds, invertebrates and plants. She tackles fundamental questions around how communities assemble and what defines them, including the relative importance of biological interactions, environmental conditions, and landscape factors. She is keenly interested in the role of rare species and novelty in ecological processes.

Her research supports the implementation of wetland policy, invasive species management, and the protection of species at risk. Her results improve the design of restored and reclaimed wetlands, provide tools for evaluating their integrity, and identifies the most successful techniques for invasive species control.

Contact information
Office: B2 251A
Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 33820
Website: Rooney Lab

University of Waterloo

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