FACS facility

The new flow cytometer is now in service as of March 16, 2015.  We have purchased a FACSAria Fusion, which can acquire 9 colors at a time, with cell sorting capacity as follows:

  • BD FACSAria Fusion 3-laser, 9-colour unit with Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) to sort onto 1.5mL Eppendorf tube, 5mL, 15mL BD Falcon tubes, and 96 well plates. (slides for future option if needed, and depends on funding):
  • 488nm Blue laser (5 colours) (FITC; PE; PerCP [PI]; PerCP-Cy5-5;PerCP-Cy7)
  • 640nm Red laser (2 colours) (APC; APC-Cy7)
  • 355nm UV laser (2 colours) (DAPI; INDO 1 Blue)

** Please use the above 9 colors to design your fluorochrome combination in your experiment.  If you need help to design your experiment, please make an appointment to discuss with your needs.

The FACS Users Committee:

The FACS Users Committee is composed of Prof. Brian Dixon (Biology), Prof. Maud Gorbet (Systems Design Engineering), Prof. Brian Ingalls (Applied Mathematics) and the MBCF manager (Biology). They will establish procedures for use of the FACS, oversee the daily schedule of the FACS, and deal with any problems or issues that arise.

Contact Phone Numbers/E-mail:
FACS Facility Director:      Prof. Brian Dixon, x32665; bdixon@uwaterloo.ca
FACS Facility Manager:     Akash Jairaj, x33526; ajairaj@uwaterloo.ca

Location:  Biology 2 - 357A


Prof. Brian Dixon and the MBCF manager will have keys and maintain primary security of the facility.  Only the MBCF manager is allowed to operate the machine.

Computer time and analysis:

There is one computer that captures data directly from the FACS, which has a USB port attached to it.  All users are required to transfer their data to their own flash drives and take it with them.  All data will be removed from the hard drive after two weeks.

Booking the facility:  

Please contact the MBCF manager (ajairaj@uwaterloo.ca), either by email or phone (519-888-4567 x32665), for FACS service booking.

FACS service booking form

Billing Procedure and fees: