Customized photonics education

The Education Program for Photonics Professionals (EP3) program offers several options to accomodate both students and employers. Scheduling and location of courses are negotiable, and distance-education formats provide still greater flexibility.

On-campus lectures

Traditional course lectures are held on-campus at the Unversity of Waterloo. These are weekly, 3 hours in length, and supplemented by Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and course notes. Lecture times are in the late afternoon, typically 4:30 to 7:30. Physical demonstrations are often performed.

On-site lectures

Where several students are invoved, lectures may be given off-campus. Suitable sites include industrial boardrooms, local schools or commercial conference facilities. This option could be persued by a single distant employer, a partnership of several employers or any group of interested students.

Traditional distance education

Students who are unable to attend regular lectures may follow a course at home via pre-recorded Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs) or videotapes. While this obviously lacks the valuable one-to-one interaction found in a usual lecture, it allows the student maximum freedom in scheduling. This option may also allow a student to make up for a missed lecture.

Distance education by videoconference

Like several other University of Waterloo programs, we are able to offer courses via videoconference. Our on-campus video lecture halls can link to any remote site supporting the Internet Protocol (IP) communication standard. This can allow entire remote classrooms or single Computer users to join lectures interactively from any appropriate internet connection. If this sounds like the type of solution you're looking for, please enquire!

Single course enrollment and equivalency testing

Students with the necessary prerequisites may choose to enroll in single courses.

Those students with some optics background who wish to complete the entire program may receive credit for the first course "Introduction to optics" by writing an equivalency exam. Notes for exam preparation will be supplied for an additional fee.