While much of the material covered in our program is qualitative in nature, the study of light inevitably requires mathematics. The education program for photonics professionals (EP3) program relies heavily on a previous knowledge of geometry, trigonometry and vectors at a high school level. Some more limited use is made of complex numbers and calculus.

For those who have not been in school for some time, it is quite normal to have gaps in recolleciton. A brief mathematical review takes place at the beginning of the first course, but this may not be sufficient for all students. The math aptitude test (PDF) should serve as a guide to what topics students should know or review before the first class. Internet and text sources such as Schaum's Outlines, Cole's Notes or Scholastic Aptitude Test: Math (SAT Math) are recommended for independent study.

Potential students may complete and return the test if they wish to have thier mathematical abilities asessed.