Over the Fall 2021 term, GSEF worked actively to increase student engagement, support student-led projects and initiatives, and direct funding to continue supporting graduate students across campus. Continue reading to check out what we were up to over the last few months!

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Student Engagement

Grad House Fall 2021 Welcome Week

To start off the Fall 2021 term, GSEF set up a booth at the Graduate House to speak to new and returning graduate students and provide information on opportunities to get involved with GSEF and apply for student project funding. It was great getting to know students and welcoming folks back on campus!

Get to Know GSEF Live Session 

GSEF also hosted an online presentation to reach out to students through a live session. We provided information on how to apply for funding and answer any questions from students who were interested in submitting application for their projects.


dGSA Training Session

Lastly, to support departmental GSAs (dGSAs) in acquiring funding for their events and initiatives, we collaborated with the Graduate Student Association to provide additional information on the funding application process during a dGSA training session!

Student Project Funding

As of the end of November, GSEF was also able to provide funding to three student-led projects across the Arts (Psychology Equity Workshop), Science (Optometry Kitchen Appliances), and Engineering (CIV Talks) faculties. A student-led project from Architecture (galt.) that was provided funding in the Spring 2021 term was also able to launch their project this Fall term!

CIV Talks UW: Research Worth Sharing

CIV Talks is a forum for graduate students to share topics related to their research to their peers, providing an opportunity for students to learn about exciting and current topics in the broad scope of CEE beyond that of their own research.

After two years of isolation from peers, graduate students felt an especially important need to bridge this disconnect. The Fall ‘21 edition of CIV Talks featured grad student speakers from the CEE subdepartments of Structural, Water Resource, and Transportation Engineering. With an appreciable attendance 24 grad students (17 in-person and 7 online), the event brought grad students together from across the department and was an overall great success.

Psychology Equity Workshop

A group of students from the Graduate Association of Students in Psychology and Psychology’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee partnered to create a workshop to help students develop skills to support equity and inclusion in our professional lives.

The two-part workshop was facilitated by Tristan Fassel, MSW, (they/them), a community and program developer for a developmental services organization in the Waterloo region. More than a dozen students joined Tristan in discussions and activities exploring the meaning of being an ally, the importance of understanding intersectionality, and how to cope with our emotional reactions to these concepts.

Participants left with new insights and perspectives, a shared sense of purpose to improve allyship within the department, and a collection of resources curated by Tristan. We considered this to be a very successful event and beneficial event. We look forward to providing graduate students with additional opportunities to learn about equity issues and hear from those with marginalized identities in the future.


galt, as a student-run publication associated with UWSA, provides students with the opportunity to gain experience in organizing, running, and curating a publication, and can serve as an important tool in promoting the name of the institution.

The potential to be published, as well as the process of submission allows for dialogue between students, alumni, faculty, and community members; fostering cross-disciplinary research and projects while establishing the importance of sharing ideas to a wider audience.

University-wide Projects

Medical Leave Award

In collaboration with the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) Office, GSEF is excited to contribute $50,000 to support graduate students who require to take a leave during their program. Visit the GSPA website to learn more about the Medical Leave Award.

Graduate Studies Conference Assistantship Award

GSEF approved to extend the eligibility criteria to allow students who are attending a conference to be able to apply and receive funding to the Graduate Studies Conference Assistantship Award, which helps cover graduate students' expenses related to attending an academic conference or workshop, including those who present their research at these events. 

 Coming up in Winter 2022

Student Project Funding Available

We encourage all graduate students to apply for funding for any initiatives or projects that relate to enhancing the overall experience of graduate students across the University! Your projects could be related to an academic, social, or professional initiative - all applications are welcome.

Deadlines for Winter 2022 term:

Project Application Type Deadline
Small Project Funding  January 10, 2022
  February 1, 2022
  March 1, 2022
  April 1, 2022
Large Project Funding February 11, 2022
Environmental Sustainability Award February 11, 2022

Upcoming Position Openings

GSEF will be recruiting for new student representatives and officers in the upcoming Winter 2022 term! If you are interested in serving the graduate student community at UWaterloo through reviewing student project applications or supporting the overall direction of GSEF, check out upcoming openings in the Get Involved page of the GSEF website.