Future undergraduate students

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Fulbright Scholar visits KI

Mary Stewart, an author, visual artist, retired university professor, and expert in creativity and teaching creative thinking, is visiting the Department of Knowledge Integration as a Fulbright Scholar for 2 months this fall.  

KI professor Mathieu Feagan collaborates to answer the question: How do we plan our cities in an equitable and just way for a future affected by the massive upheavals of climate change?

The Interdisciplinary nature of Technical Sales

At an eCommerce startup, the nature of the business means we work with retailers from various industries/ verticals and the ability to speak their language(s) can be critical in growing relationships and earning their business. In this talk, I would like to discuss how my background in KI has enabled me in creating solutions, delivering demos, and having meetings that prospects can resonate really well with. 

Yanish Jutton is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Groupby Inc.; an eCommerce Product Discovery Platform, and helps design, build and launch software products, and experiences across multiple channels. He graduated with a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration in 2016.


Bailey Gardien and her collaborators participated in Future City Builders, an immersive Evergreen initiative, to create and launch innovative solutions to urban challenges. 

After four months of Virtual Design Thinking labs, networking, workshops, and mentorship, they pitched their idea to help students who are financially limited to take up a cost-friendly and healthier alternative to traditional transportation, and they were awarded $5,000 in seed funding.