Research Assistance by Sarah Alemany

Let’s face it, research can be difficult. We’ve all had to use research skills and conduct research once or twice within our lives. Whether it be for an assignment, class, or a job, research is commonly conducted by all. However, it doesn’t HAVE to be difficult. The library provides staff and students alike with a variety of resources to help ensure that your research needs are met, and your research can be conducted successfully without all the headaches and stress. 

Before I get in too deep about the research resources of the library, let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah Alemany and a few things about me first and foremost are that I am in my 4B term here at UWaterloo majoring in Social Development Studies and minoring in Legal Studies. I am also one of the new Library Ambassadors who started this term in February 2021 so I’m excited to learn more about the Library and become better connected with the UWaterloo community. 

The research supports that the library has to offer a range depending on the user's needs and covers a variety of bases in relation to research. These include Copyright, Librarians by subject, open access, requesting a purchase, research data management, research guides, reference management software, systematic review support. 

Taking a closer look at our Librarians by subject research option, this support option offers you the option to contact your librarian for research, teaching and learning support.  Librarians by subject are exactly as it sounds as all librarians are separated into subjects. For someone like me, taking SDS and legal studies, my go-to Librarians would be Tammy Kavanaugh as well as Ryan Ball. But if you were looking for help researching something such as Environment, Enterprise and Development, Agnes Zientarska-Kayko would be the Librarian for you. The librarians would love to help in any way possible! 

Another amazing resource listed under our research supports is our research guides. We offer research guides for 67 subjects ranging all the way from accounting and finance to theological studies. These guides help you breakdown what you need for your research and give you “Basic Searching Techniques” to help you get started and plan out your research. 

To access our research guides, librarians by subject and learn more about our other research support options, feel free to visit the Library website or click the link. Happy researching! 

- Sarah Alemany