Motz Family Fonds

Motz Family Fonds, man and boy printing newspapers

Motz Family Papers

The Motz Family Papers, donated by the family, enrich our knowledge not only of this family's personal history, but also the history of their major business interest, the K-W Record and its predecessors from the years 1859 to 1989. The photographs, scrapbooks, correspondence, and memorabilia document personal and business matters, and most interesting is the series of correspondence from the 1930s to late 1940s between W.J. Motz (and later John E. Motz) and Senator W. D. Euler documenting the struggles of both editorial policy and ownership of the Record during these decades. Also included in the John E. Motz correspondence are letters from his fellow newspaper editor Robertson Davies as well as letters from other notable figures including Ann Landers and Sarah Churchill.


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