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The University of Waterloo operates on a three term academic schedule. Fall term (September - December), winter (January - April), and spring term (May - August).

Contacts for graduate studies in Management Sciences
MASc and PhD (research/thesis programs) MMSc (coursework programs)
Erin Ackersviller Kimberly Dunne


Fall 2021 term courses will be available both online and in person. Students may choose either delivery option when enrolment opens in August. Please check with the course instructors for details on how they will be managing their course delivery for the upcoming fall term.

Fall 2021 orientation for Management Sciences graduate students

Fall 2021 orientation was held August 24th. A recording of the event will be made available to students in the MMSc Learn Forum.

View 2021 orientation slides:  Fall 2021 Orientation Slides (PDF)

As a new student in Management Sciences, you will also need to become familiar with the department health and safety manual. After reading through the materials and completing the required modules the health and safety acknowledgment form (PDF) will need to be signed and submitted to the administrative officer

Below you will find general information to get you started with your graduate studies in Management Sciences at the University of Waterloo including: 

Other sources and items of information you might find helpful

The international student office, has an immigration advisor who can help you prepare your study visa application, and answer your questions related to the Fall 2021 covid-19 reopening plans.

Also see resources on campus, for more information including the city of Waterloo, student housing, and Management Sciences Graduate Student Association (MSSA).

Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact us!

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA)

Located in Needles Hall (NH), Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) has compiled a rich resource of information to get you started in your graduate studies program; including information on the Quest system, fee statements, enrolment, student cards and international student resources. Visit their new graduate student information page for more detailed information you will need as a registered Waterloo graduate student.

The GSPA has detailed information and support for new students satisfying their conditions of admission.

For more details on the GSPA Grad Ready program, please visit Waterloo Grad Ready.

Fall 2021 up to date notices/information from the GSPA related to the current global crisis is available at: Covid-19 Updates For Graduate Students

International students

International student experience This is a great resource for students new to Canada. Including advisors with information to help you with immigration documents, medical coverage, and housing. 

English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS)

The EMLS courses you may find on your offer letter are designed to ensure you have the skills to successfully study graduate level courses in an english speaking environment. You can find more information on this at: Conditional English language proficiency admission

English for Academic Success (EFAS)

Renison College’s English for academic success (EFAS) program is an excellent program for an international student looking to advance their English skills before they begin their graduate studies.  More information on this program and its registration timelines can be found at their website.

Study Permit/Work Permit & Post Graduate Work Permits

The University of Waterloo has dedicated immigration consultants on hand to help you with applying for your study permit, work permit and/or details on Canada's Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). They will have the most current and relevant information for you regarding any immigration questions or concerns you may have.

Fall Quarantine Package 

The University of Waterloo Student Quarantine package is available to new grads. More details will follow from the University offices organizing this package, but you can view more details now at: https://uwaterloo.ca/international-student-guide/prepare/waterloo-student-quarantine-package 

The Student Success Office (SSO) will be hosting an online event for all incoming students travelling to Canada for the first time at the end of the month. Details can be found online at: https://uwaterloo.ca/student-success/events/special-edition-travel-drop-in  

Tuition fees, living expenses, and housing

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs has detailed information to help you calculate your annual expenses including tuition fees and living expenses. 

Student Fees:  Student Fee information is available on the Student Financial Services website. There is information on fee schedules, due dates and late fees, how to pay your fees (including Promissory Note details), tax receipts and contact information for questions about your account. Your up-to-date financial account information is available through Quest. If you require a letter of financial fees to obtain your student Visa please complete the following web form Estimator

Program specific tuition, including due dates, program fees, and methods of payment can be found at the Office of Student Finance

The department cannot offer funding to students in the MMSc program. Students should be prepared to fund their graduate program via their own resources. Students are encouraged to apply for external awards they may be eligible to receive. More information on available scholarships, grants, and bursaries can be found at the Graduate Studies awards and funding page.

*MMSc online tuition fees are listed under special graduate programs on the fee schedule page.

Graduate student housing is available via Waterloo residences.
The most recent fee schedules can be found at Fee Schedule for Graduate Students

Incidental fees

You will notice your fee statement includes Incidental fees. The University has provided some information on these fees at Graduate Incidental Fees.

For more detailed information on the incidental fees for services provided by the Graduate Student Association (GSA), you can visit their website. They have additional details on opting out of some of the Fall 2021 services for students unable to attend campus.

Enrolling in your first term courses

Fall enrolment will open August 4th.

Fall 2021 Course Delivery

Each Graduate MSCI course scheduled will have two (2) or three (3) versions of the courses.

e.g., Required course MSCI 603 Principles of Operations Research  

  • MSCI 603 001 will be on campus/in person delivery 

  • MSCI 603 002 will be online/ remote delivery  

Both are taught by the same instructor; you should contact the instructor(s) directly for details on how they are planning to manage the two versions.  

  • *MSCI 603 081 Principles of Operations Research 

This is the MMSC Online course available only to students registered in the MMSC Online program 

You can see the full list of scheduled courses at: https://classes.uwaterloo.ca/ 

Make sure you are aware of when enrolment opens for your first term. Current enrolment and tuition due dates can be found on the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs academic deadlines page.

You can view current and upcoming term courses in Management Sciences (most up to date, and most tentative to change) at: Graduate and Undergraduate courses in Management Sciences

If you are ready to begin in the MSCI Online program, your dates may differ and you should reference the MMSc online forum for accurate information regarding your program and its related deadlines. 

Full time MMSc students are expected to complete: MSCI 603, MSCI 605, and MSCI 609 in their first term.

It is your responsibility to understand the terms of your admission, your degree requirements, and enrol in the appropriate courses. You are encouraged to contact your graduate adminstrator for additional information and advice.

Full time graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo can enrol in a maximum of three (3) courses per term.

Part time graduate engineers can enrol in a maximum of one (1) course per term.

Students with EMLS course requirements in their first term will need to submit a drop add form for their fourth required course in the Fall term (due to enrolment limits in courses outside Management Sciences, we suggest enrolling via quest in the required EMLS course(s) and submit the drop/add form for the third MSCI course).

After you've enrolled in your courses you can obtain your complete list of texts books for each of your courses at Waterloo's book store. 

Deferring your admission

If you have received an offer of admission but are unable to commence your studies for any of the following reasons:

  • Medical emergency
  • Previous degree incomplete 
  • Renison EFAS in progress
  • Humanitarian
  • Unable to obtain study permit in time
  • Deferral to an earlier term (option available for part time students only)

Please remember, the MMSc full time program has one start date per year, which means that any deferral that can be considered would be for the following Fall (eg. Fall 2021 students requesting deferral would be considered for Fall 2022).

To request a deferral of your admit term, send an email to your graduate administrator indicating:

Your full name (as it appears in quest):
Your UWID:
Your start term:
Term you are requesting to defer to*:
A brief rationale for your request:

Please be aware we cannot put forward a deferral request under the following circumstances:

  • Beyond one full year (three term maximum)
  • The student has already deferred their start term (a second deferral request)
  • Financial
  • Employment opportunity/career enhancement opportunity
  • Travel
  • Study permit application is rejected/denied
  • and other reasons where the student is unable to attend by choice

If we are unable to put forward a deferral request based on the guidelines listed above, you will notified by the department and expected to commence studies as per the date indicated on your offer letter. If you cannot start on this date, you can withdraw your acceptance and re-apply at a later time when you are better able to begin study.


The Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics (GDDA) and the Cooperative Education (Co-op) program are available to students already registered in the MMSc on-campus (regular) program.

Graduate diploma in data analytics (GDDA)

The Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics (GDDA) is a set of elective courses completed within the MMSc degree program. Students who successfully complete these four Data Analytics courses during their Master of Management Sciences degree program qualify for the graduate diploma at commencement.

The GDDA courses are not scheduled around co-op work terms. Students enrolled in co-op may not be able to complete the GDDA requirements

Co-operative education in graduate studies, Management Sciences (Coop)

MMSc students may wish to apply for the Cooperative Education Program in Management Sciences in their first term of study. Details on eligibility and requirements can be found at Graduate Studies Co-op Program.

Change of program:

Each program has its own admission requirements, deadlines, and often separate review committees. Change of program within the department or from another department/ faculty, may be considered after successful completion of no less than one full term in the program you were granted admission to.

MMSc to MASc

You may be starting your graduate studies in the Master of Management Sciences (MMSc) program with plans to move forward to the Master of Applied Science (MASc) research program. 

Some faculty members prefer to commit to a graduate research student after reviewing the student's fall term academic results at the graduate level. If this is the case for you, your first one or two terms will be spent completing the core course requirements, meeting with faculty, discussing, refining your research proposals and interests, and taking the time to find an appropriate supervisor, all of which will strengthen your academic skills and your research goals and better prepare you for research study.

Once you have secured a supervisor he/she can request a program change from MMSc to MASc. Your successfully completed MSCI courses can then be credited toward your MASc degree requirements.

MMSc online courses (MOT@Distance)

MMSC Online courses are available only to students registered in the MMSc programs.

Outside Management Sciences to Management Sciences (e.g. ECE MEng to MSCI MMSc)

Students admitted to Master's program in a department or faculty other than Management Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, who wish to change to MMSc, are expected to successfully complete their first term in the program they were admitted into. Based on the results of that term the department of Management Sciences may consider a program change.

Students who wish to be considered for this do need to be aware of the program requirements in Management Sciences, and understand that only one course outside of Management Sciences can be considered for credit toward their final degree. We usually suggest you try to enrol in one or two MSCI courses of your choice to allow you to better assess the suitability of the program change, and allow for those courses to be credited fully toward your degree requirements if the change is approved.

Transfer students from other graduate programs in the University of Waterloo are not eligible to apply for the Management Sciences graduate studies co-op program. 

Note:  Any program changes or changes to enrolment status must be approved by the department associate chair for graduate studies, The associate dean of engineering and Graduate Studies and Post-Doctoral Affairs (GSPA). Please be sure to have your form signed by your current department Graduate Officer before submitting the request for consideration.

Teaching Assistantships (TAs)

Additional financial support may be achieved in the form of graduate teaching assistantships (TA). 

TA assignments are awarded on a term by term basis to qualified students and involve a time commitment of ten hours per week for the duration of that term. 

The TA process is very competitive and cannot be guaranteed in advance of your arrival at the University of Waterloo. Only students who have successfully completed a two-day workshop, ExpecTAtions, (normally offered in December and April each year) are eligible to hold a TA position. 

See our Teaching Assistantships in Management Sciences for more information on the TA application contact Ian Taylor

(See guidelines on graduate student support for further details on graduate teaching assistantships)


WatIAM is an identity and access management system for phone and email accounts for Waterloo students, staff and faculty.  Account activation allows you to activate your account, set your password and security questions. You are able to configure your email accounts, setting a preferred and having your Waterloo email redirected. 

The WatIAM userids are used by QuestWaterlooWorksLEARNmyHRinfoemail, and many others. 

Your @uwaterloo.ca email account

Email is the University of Waterloo’s main method of communication. It’s essential that you maintain your @uwaterloo.ca email address and monitor it regularly.


Never provide your password by phone or email (or text). IST staff will never ask for your password when providing assistance.


Particularly for students on a work term or in the online program: the @uwaterloo.ca email is your official email.

Instructors are encouraged by the university to communicate with students only through their @uwaterloo.ca. 

Staff too, for example: for your privacy protection the university cannot release information about a student with anyone outside the university other than that student. Which means, if you send an email asking for course selection advice from your gmail account - the best we can do for you is send you the publicly available course selection information. However, if you're communicating via your @uwaterloo.ca account - administration can better help you with much more specific and relevant information.

Also:  ALWAYS a good idea to include your 8 digit UW student ID when communication with campus staff or faculty. This helps us provide more detailed and accurate information for your query.

More resources for information:

The department recommends that you bookmark these sites and familiarize yourself with the information available:

Covid Fall 2021 updates: For the most up to date information on the University adaptations to the covid-19 crisis please keep your eye on: https://uwaterloo.ca/coronavirus/

University of Waterloo GradVenture

Waterloo Grad Ready

Graduate studies calendar

Information about program degree requirements, term deadlines, graduate studies forms, academic term deadlines, scholarships, thesis submissions, UW policies, student services, and other pertinent information about graduate studies at the University of Waterloo.

Department of Management Sciences

Department of Management Sciences news, upcoming seminars, graduate studies information, graduate program degree requirements, as well as contact information for faculty and administrators.

Finance student accounts

Details about fee schedules including tuition information, incidental fees and refunds, fees due dates, late fees, income tax receipts, and other fee payment information.

Queries or requests regarding tuition, fees, and cost of living statements from the University should be directed to the Student Finance Office

Waterloo LEARN system

As a new MMSc student you will need to become familiar with the Waterloo LEARN system.

This is where we house all our online course lectures and materials.

It’s also where the program calendars with information key to you and your program are posted.

In this forum you will find program information, advice, tips, reminders, notes, and the program calendar that will list important events and deadlines. 

After you have met the conditions on your offer letter,  and are matriculated, you'll be able to enrol in your courses. Check the program Forum in LEARN for upcoming deadlines, announcements, reminders, schedules, and course selections.

Welcome to the program! 

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