Class Campaigns


For many, your time in university is meaningful experience, as it is a time of growth, discovery and development that helps shape your future.

Class Campaigns were created at the School of Optometry & Vision Science to stay connected or re-engage with your former classmates in a meaningful way. For each class campaign, alumni volunteers act as official representatives for your class year, or province of practice, who help to plan and promote school campaigns, or milestone class reunions. Class campaigns are a great way give back to an area that is meaningful to you and create a legacy at the School. The generosity of alumni helps support programs, departments, undergraduate and graduate students, and new initiatives on campus.

Right now, we are seeking class campaign volunteer representatives to support the Seeing Beyond 2020 campaign. This is a $35-million dollar to build the Waterloo Eye Institute, a center of excellence for eye and vision care in Canada.

We are over halfway to our goal but still need to raise $10M this year, and we would love your support!

We recognize that every class is different. This overview simply gives a general sense of some considerations before starting your campaign. To start a class campaign or if you have any questions contact us through our optometry alumni email

Campaign Options

A first step in developing a Class Campaign is identifying the goal. This can be determined by a lead volunteer or by class consensus. Please contact us at optometry alumni to ask about your options.


For each class campaign it is crucial to identify key volunteers willing to assist in coordinating classmates and assist in fundraising. Class campaigns are peer-to-peer fundraising efforts that succeed best if you follow some of the basic fundraising steps:

  • Start early: Consider starting fundraising 12+ months in advance of your reunion (or intended deadline)
  • Establish key volunteers: Determine who will be involved in coordinating with the School and soliciting gifts from fellow classmates
  • Determine a goal: Consider that a goal can be financial (to achieve one of the giving options) or based on participation. Remember every class is different.
  • Communicate regularly: Once fundraising has begun considering reminding classmates and giving updates on the fundraising progress.

All fundraising activities are coordinated and supported by the School of Optometry & Vision Science’s Advancement office, and processed through the University of Waterloo’s secure, online giving platform. Donations over $20 are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Donors from the U.S. are also entitled to charitable deduction for gifts to a Canadian University.

Support from the School

Throughout your class campaign we will support you in the following ways:

  • Class List Management
  • Fundraising Strategy Support
  • Class Campaign Webpage Support
  • Fundraising Email Templates
  • Administration of Gifts

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)