Undergraduate award list

This is not a representative list, award availability varies depending on grantee and fund performance. Not all details are available for every award.

Except as noted, decisions of awards are made by School Scholarship Committee.

Optometry undergraduate awards

Year Name Value Sponsor Criteria
All School of Optometry undergraduate student opportunity trust fund Varies, bursary  Sponsored by donations from interested donors and by a matching grant from the Province of Ontario Makes funds available to assist academically qualified students experiencing financial difficulties. Eligible students must have resided in Ontario for 12 months prior to the beginning of their post-secondary education
All *A.H. Basman O.D. Scholarships $1,000 for each optometric year Manitoba Association of Optometrists To Manitoba residents in optometric programs.  The selection for scholarships is based on academic performance as well as extracurricular or community participation
Summer Alcon Scholarship for Research in Contact Lens Care $1000 scholarship Alcon Canada Awarded for carrying out a research project related to contact lens solutions.
Advanced Medical Optics Award for Research in Contact Lens Care Award Advanced Medical Optics Provides financial assistance to an optometry student who wishes to undertake a summer research project in contact lens care.
Dr. Howard A. Backman Scholarship in Vision Science Scholarship   Awarded to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence in vision science and who has engaged in summer research
Lyle/Fisher/Bobier Prize Prize Established to honour the contributions of Professors Lyle, Fisher and Bobier to optometric research To a student who has demonstrated academic excellence and is engaged in Summer research at the School
Optometry Faculty Summer Research Scholarships Varies, scholarships Faculty of the School of Optometry To support Summer research by Optometry students
Summer H.A. Stein Scholarship $500 scholarship   Awarded to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence in Optometry and who has been accepted to spend a summer as an Optometric Research Assistant
1st Centennial Optical Scholarships two $250 scholarships Centennial Optical Company Two students admitted to the first year on the basis of academic achievement
1st **Monahan Memorial Scholarship Varies, scholarship   First year on the basis of academic achievement. Candidates must be Ontario residents whose birthplace is within 50 kilometres of Listowel, Ontario
1st New Brunswick Association of Optometrists Scholarship $500 scholarship New Brunswick Association of Optometrists Resident of New Brunswick who is entering the first year
1st Saskatchewan Optometric Association Scholarships Two $500 scholarships Saskatchewan Optometric Association Presents to each of two first year students. These awards are made to students who are residents of Saskatchewan. They are awarded on the basis of academic achievement
2nd Advanced Medical Optics Prize - Excellence in Anatomy of the Eye and Visual System $500 award Advanced Medical Optics Presented to a second-year student on the basis of performance in first-year anatomy courses.
2nd Reginald Williams Memorial Scholarship $250 award Dr. L. Williams of Trinidad Awarded to an outstanding student in the second year
3rd E.J. Chisholm Memorial Scholarship $200 scholarship Established in memory of the late E.J. Chisholm Awarded to the third-year student who demonstrates highest academic and clinical proficiency in Paediatric Optometry
3rd & 4th School of Optometry Memorial Scholarship Awards, as funds permit These awards honour deceased students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the University of Waterloo's School of Optometry
Donations have been received in memory of:
  • Dr. Maurice Belanger
  • Dr. Aurore Lising
  • Dr. Michael Wong
To students at the third- or fourth-year on the basis of strong academic achievement and/or clinical excellence
4th Alcon Award for Achievement in Anatomy and Physiology $1000 award Alcon Presented at the beginning of the fourth professional year for demonstrated excellence in the study of ocular physiology and pharmacology.
4th Advanced Medical Optics General Proficiency Prizes Gifts Advanced Medical Optics Awarded to the final-year students who rank first and second in general (clinical?) proficiency.
4th Dr. W. Ross Andrews Prize for Clinical Proficiency $500 award Established by Dr. W. Bruce Andrews in memory of his father who practiced optometry in St. Mary's, Ontario and was a part-time clinical supervisor at the School of Optometry from 1967 to 1992 Presented to the student with the highest standing in general clinical proficiency in Optometry 348A/B
4th E.F. Attridge Prize Award for Highest Achievement in Pathology Gift   Awarded to the final-year student ranking highest in the study of general and ocular disease
4th T.T. Beattie Award for Orthoptics and Visual Training Award as funds permit Bequest of T.T. Beattie Awarded to the final-year student ranking highest in Orthoptics or Visual Training
4th Canadian Association of Optometrists Award of Merit Award CAO Recognizes a fourth-year student for professionalism and effective leadership in student organizations
4th Canadian Contact Lens Society Prize Varies Proceeds of a fund invested on behalf of the Canadian Contact Lens Society Awarded to a final-year student who shows the greatest proficiency in the theoretical and clinical application of contact lenses
4th Central Optical Award for Clinical Excellence $500 award Central Optical A final-year student who has achieved excellence in their special area of independent study
4th A.W. Cole Prize   A gift of the Cole family donated in honour of their father A.W. Cole Awarded to the final-year student ranking highest in Clinical Proficiency
4th College of Optometrists of Ontario General Proficiency Medal   Gift of the Council, College of Optometrists of Ontario Awarded to the final-year student with the highest academic standing
4th Essilor Award for Academic and Clinical Excellence in Optics Award of equipment Essilor Optical Company Awarded to a final-year student with excellent academic standing in the areas of Geometric and Clinical Optics
4th William Feinbloom Low Vision Award A Low Vision Trial Set Established by Designs for Vision, Inc. in honour of Dr. William Feinbloom Awarded to the final-year student who has shown excellence in both the didactic and the clinical aspects of Low Vision care
4th ***Dr. Michael Gutwein Memorial Award $1,000 award and plaque Made possible by contributions from classmates and friends in memory of Dr. Michael Gutwein To a final-year Optometry student who actively encourages fellow students to participate in athletic and social affairs Selection is not. based on academic criteria
4th David J. Kerko Low Vision Award A dispensing kit Award is provided by Winchester Optical To a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in low-vision care
4th L.M. Newell Clinical Optometry Prize $500 award Established by Dr. Janis Newell (University of Waterloo Class of 1982) to honour her father on his retirement from optometric practice after 43 years Awarded to an student on the basis of clinical proficiency demonstrated in Optometry 348A/B
4th Ocular Sciences Contact Lens Award $500 award Ocular Sciences, Canada, Inc. Presented to a fourth-year student in recognition of excellence in contact lens care
4th Ontario Association of Optometrists Award for Excellence in Patient Management Award Ontario Association of Optometrists Recognizes a fourth-year student for excellence in patient care
4th OSI Award for Excellence in Practice Management $250 award Optometric Services Inc., the national optometric services group A final-year student. in recognition of demonstrated leadership in the areas of professionalism and communication skills, as well as excellent academic standing
4th Prize for Academic Excellence in Ocular Pharmacology $150 award Initial funding for the prize was initiated by Dan Andrews, MD, of the University of Waterloo Health and Safety Department.  One of his patients, who wanted to quit smoking, donated the money for the prize instead of buying cigarettes. An outstanding student for performance in the? Ocular Pharmacology course
4th J.C. Thompson Memorial Prize $125 award College of Optometry of Ontario Alumni Association in memory of the late Dean J.C. Thompson To the final-year student in the who has ranked highest in clinical Optometry
4th Vistakon Award for Excellence in Contact Lens Patient Care $1,000 award and a plaque Johnson and Johnson Vision Products, Inc. Provided to a fourth-year student in recognition of excellence in contact lens patient care
  Dr. Irving Baker Excellence in Clinical Optometry Scholarship   Established by the College of Optometrists of Ontario to recognize Dr. Baker’s significant contribution to the public of Ontario.  
  COVD Award for Excellence in Vision Therapy   College of Optometrists in Vision Development The student who has demonstrated strong interest and clinical skills in the area of vision therapy
  Dr. Margaret Hansen des Groseilliers Award   Dr. Hansen des Groseilliers has been a leader for Optometry at a local, provincial and national level, the latter culminating in her serving as the first female President of CAO Student demonstrating exceptional leadership skills
  Eschenbach Low Vision Student Award   Eschenbach To recognize the skills and achievements of a student who has shown an aptitude and interest in the field of low vision
  Optelec / Schweizer Optik Low Vision Award   Optelec Canada Inc. and Schwiezer Optik In recognition of excellence in the field of low vision
4th RGPLI Clinical Excellence Award     Presented to a fourth year student in recognition of outstanding knowledge regarding RGP contact lenses

*A.H. Basman O.C. Scholarships awarded by the Manitoba Association of Optometrists.

**Monahan Memorial Scholarship: Apply by mid-September to Marie.

***Dr. Michael Gutwein Memorial Award is given to a student who is selected by the class.

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