Road map

Here is a brief list of the steps to becoming a Doctor of Optometry at Waterloo. Further details are provided in the Admission Requirements, Financial, and Applying sections of the Prospective Optometry Students site.

Beginning in high school

  • Concentrate on sciences and mathematics
  • Begin research into the various university Bachelor of Science programs
    • Here is a good task to consult with a guidance counsellor
    • Find out which high school courses are required for entry into the science university programs
  • Apply to the university science programs
  • Maintain your high school average
  • Graduate high school

Enter a university science program

  • Enrol in the Optometry prerequisite courses
    • Don't forget to find out which university courses you need to take first in order to then take the Optometry prerequisite courses
  • It will take 3 or more years to complete your science studies
  • Maintain your university average
  • Start thinking about who you can use for referral letters
    • Possibly volunteer at an optometric practice
  • If applicable, apply for citizenship (at least 12 months prior to applying to Optometry)
  • If applicable, arrange for English language exams
  • Study for the Optometry Admissions Test (OAT), an independent test that all optometry candidates take in North America
  • Take the OAT
  • Begin applying to the Optometry program
    • Apply online; an Application for Admission to the School of Optometry will be emailed to you
    • Arrange for referral letters
    • Arrange for OAT scores to be sent to the Registrar's Office
    • Arrange for university transcripts to be sent to the Registrar's Office
    • Attend an interview

In the Doctor of Optometry program

  • This is a four year program
  • Arrange for a place to stay in Waterloo
  • Purchase equipment & books
  • Study
  • Maintain Optometry course averages
  • Practice in the clinics
  • Graduate
  • After graduation:
    • Write and pass the professional board and jurisprudence exams for the geographic regions in which you wish to practice
    • Find a place to practice, be a resident, or enter grad studies
    • Enjoy your career