Selection process

Upon receipt of your Application for Admission to the School, the Admissions Committee will conduct an initial review. After the initial review, the Admissions Committee may invite you for a Meet & Greet, in which case you will be emailed before the end of November (for the upcoming September start date). 

All applicants will receive an email. Not all applicants will receive an invitation to the Meet & Greet. Unfortunately, applicants who do not receive an invitation to the Meet & Greet will no longer be considered for admission.

In the Meet & Greet, consideration is given to knowledge of the profession, motivation toward a career in optometry, ability to think clearly and logically, poise, self-confidence, warmth and verbal expression of ideas.

Selection criteria

If selected for the Meet & Greet, the Admissions Committee uses the following criteria in determining an applicant’s academic and personal qualifications for admission:

Academic requirements

  • Undergraduate academic record - academic aptitude and performance
  • OAT scores

Non-academic requirements

  • CASPer

  • Meet & Greet
  • Academic awards
  • Non-academic awards
  • Work experience
  • Volunteer experience
  • Optometry-related experience
  • Job shadowing an Optometrist
  • Confidential Assessment Forms (References)

In addition, a Criminal Records Check Vulnerable Sector (CRC), and proof of immunizations will be required if admission to the program is given.

From these requirements, the committee is looking for:

  • Evidence of ability to handle a course load of five courses (plus labs) per term, throughout their undergraduate education.
  • Service to the community and university, work experience and interpersonal skills.
  • Job shadowing with an optometrist (observing eye exams), to ensure an understanding of the profession of Optometry. 
    • A minimum of 8 hours with an optometrist is required however most applicants have many more hours than the minimum. We also look at time spent volunteering or working at an optometrist's office. Looking for a strong understanding of the profession. 
  • Proof of academic ability and achievement as well as personal qualities, leadership, integrity, resiliency, motivation, initiative, social awareness, well-rounded background, personality and the ability to work with others.
  • All offers of admission are conditional upon successful completion of the current academic year and requirements.  Students admitted must maintain their level of academic performance. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to deny admission to an already admitted student if their academic performance falls below acceptable standards.

Profile of past first-year students

Applicants 2022 2021 2020 2019
Total 295 295 245 250
Enrolled Students 2022 2021 2020 2019
First year class size 91 90 90 90
Overall Average
Average 87 87 86 88
Range 80-98 79-96 80-95 79-95
Optometry Admission Test (OAT) Scores
Average 384 383 380 381

Factors not considered by the admissions committee:

  • University or Program of Study - The Admissions Committee does not look at the university or the program in science you choose to select.
  • No preference is shown to applicants at any particular level of training. However, a minimum of three years in a science program (in the third year when applying) is required.
  • Age, sex, race, religion, home province and sexual orientation are not factors considered in the selection process.