Academic advising during COVID- 19

Academic advisors are here to support you during this time of transition. All in-person advising has been suspended at this time.

We will be monitoring our emails during this period and will do our best to reply in a timely manner.  We kindly ask that you don't contact multiple advisors with the same question as it delays our response times at an already busy time. 

Who should you see to get your questions answered?

The School of Public Health and Health Systems (SPHHS) has designed an advising system to meet your needs as you progress through the program. Our advisors' drop-in hours are Monday-Friday, typically from 9:30am-4:00pm. 

What's my concern? Who should I see?
I have questions about my undergraduate degree in SPHHS (e.g. minors, options, degree requirements, internal transfers into SPHHS, received a "Required to Withdraw" decision)

The SPHHS Advising Team Mailbox is managed by our academic advisors, and we encourage all students to send their questions to this email address. For more efficient communication, please use your UW email address and always include your student number in the email. 

Our academic advisors are:

Katarzyna Satora 

Andy Xu

Grace Hu

Doris Makowich, Undergraduate Program and Scheduling Coordinator

I have a question about international exchanges, internal transfers (to leave SPHHS) or my work term report Julie-Anne Desrochers, Student Success Officer

The advisors are here to assist in making your university years as rewarding and uncomplicated as possible. If you have any questions and are not sure who to ask, start with your academic advisor. They can assist you with the following services:

  • Options, minors, and specialization information
  • Course information
  • Enrollment information
  • Administrative form review and approval, including Plan Modification Forms and Letter of Permissions
  • Announcements for upcoming opportunities and events for students in the School of Public Health and Health Systems
  • General information

Feel free to drop by and introduce yourself!

Questions about Co-op?

For information about co-op requirements, process, work reports, and contacts for questions, visit co-op procedures.

Interested in transferring into the School of Public Health and Health Systems?

Check out this information if you are a University of Waterloo student interested in transferring into an undergraduate program offered by the School of Public Health and Health Systems.