Elderly man and women looking out at a lake

minor is a group of approved courses (usually 10) in a secondary area of study that will be recognized on your degree.

If you’re interested in the aging process and the unique health issues faced by older adults, consider the Gerontology Minor. You’ll investigate topics such as long-term care, the physiological effects of aging, balance control, and exercise programming.

This minor is available to students in any four-year program at Waterloo. Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for a full list of courses in this minor.

An Aging Studies Option is also available for students who would like to learn about some issues related to aging, but don’t want to complete the full minor.

How do I apply?

If you are a current student interested in pursuing the Gerontology Minor, see your academic advisor after first year to actively start planning your course sequence. A completed Plan Modification Form must be submitted to your advisor before the end of your 3B term.

If you are a future student you should apply to a four-year program at Waterloo. At the end of your first year, you can declare the minor.

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