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specialization provides a secondary area of study in addition to your major. It usually consists of 6-8 courses and will be recognized on your degree.

If you are considering a future in medicine, occupational therapy, nursing, or another health-related profession, the Pre-Health Professions Specialization can provide you with the preparation you need.

This specialization offers a unique blend of courses in the behavioural and health sciences. You’ll be able to take the courses you need for admission to professional schools, while leaving the door option to other interesting careers in health.

You’ll complete this Specialization by choosing electives from a specific list of courses. For the complete list, refer to the Undergraduate Calendar. You should consult the admission requirements for the professional schools you’re interested in to ensure you choose appropriate courses.

How do I apply?

If you are a current student interested in pursuing the Pre-Health Professions Specialization, see your academic advisor after first year to actively start planning your course sequence.  A completed Plan Modification Form (.pdf) must be submitted to your advisor before the beginning of your 3A term.

If you are a future student interested in this Specialization you should apply to the Health Studies program (co-op or regular). You can declare the specialization at the end of your first year.

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