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Contact information

Office: LHN 2731

Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 38491


Philip Bigelow

Teaching interests

Occupational health, occupational epidemiology, applied epidemiology, risk and exposure assessment; program evaluation

Research interests

Interventions in occupational health; evaluation and measurement of health and safety management systems; risk assessment and  standard setting in occupational health


BSc, Kinesiology (Simon Fraser University)

MHSc, Occupational and Environmental Health (University of Toronto)

PhD, Epidemiology (University of Calgary)

Selected recent publications

  • Robson, L., and Bigelow, P.  (2010)  Measurement Properties of Occupational Health and Safety Management Audits:  A Systematic Literature Review and Traditional Literature Synthesis.  Canadian Journal of Public Health.  101(1):S34-S40.
  • Kramer, D., Bigelow, P., Carlan, N., Wells, R., Garritano, E., Vi, P., and Plawinski, M. (2010)  Searching for a Needle in a Haystack: Identifying Innovations to Prevent MSDs in the Construction Sector.  Applied Ergonomics.  Jul;41(4):577-84.
  • Kramer, D., Bigelow, P., Vi, P., Garritano, E., Carlan, N., Wells, R. (2009)  Spreading Good Ideas: A Case Study of the Adoption of an Innovation in the Construction Sector. Applied Ergonomics. 40(5):826-832.
  • Bigelow, P., Betts, D., Amick, B., and members of the Ontario Truck Driver Survey Research Team (2009)  Developing a National Survey of Truck Drivers: Gathering Stakeholder Perceptions of Key Risks and Risk Factors in Collisions, Health, Safety and Wellness.  Proceedings of the Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference XIX, Saskatoon, SK June 7-10, Session 2B: Behaviour pp 1-15.
  • Nichol, K., Bigelow, P., O’Brien-Pallas, L., McGeer, A., Manno, M., Holness, D. L., (2008)  The Individual, Environmental and Organizational Factors That Influence Nurses’ Use of Facial Protection to Prevent Occupational Transmission of Communicable Respiratory Illness in Acute Care Hospitals, American Journal of Infection Control.36(7):481-7.
  • Bigelow, P., Moore, D., Yassi, A., (2004)  Assessing the Health Implications for Healthcare Workers of Regulatory Changes Eliminating Locally Developed Occupational Exposure Limits in Favor of TLVs: An evidence-based Bipartite Approach. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health. 10:433-444.
  • Bigelow, P. (2001)   The Application of Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances to Employees in Laboratories.  Chemical Health and Safety 8(4):16-21.
University of Waterloo