Health Informatics Option

An option is an academic plan that provides depth to a student's baccalaureate degree and typically requires fewer courses than a minor. Options are only available to students within their home faculty.

Health Informatics (HI) is a multidisciplinary field that investigates how computer technologies can be used to better generate, manage, store, and apply health information. In the Health Informatics Option, you will take courses from the health sciences, computer science, statistics, behavioural and social sciences, and epidemiology.

Career opportunities often involve the design and implementation of health information systems (e.g., establishing electronic patient records, or establishing ‘best practices’ databases) in various health care settings.

For more information, see the Undergraduate Calendar - Health Informatics Option.

How do I appl​y?

If you are a current student interested in pursuing the Health Informatics Option, see your academic advisor after first year to actively start planning your course sequence.  A completed Plan Modification Form must be submitted to your advisor before the start of year 3.

If you are a future student interested in this option you should apply to the Health Sciences program or Public Health program (co-op or regular). You can declare the option at the end of your first year.