Health Research Specialization

A specialization provides a secondary area of study in addition to your major. It is an academic plan that offers an area of concentration and provides depth to a student's primary area of study. Specializations are only available to students within their primary department.

Employers need professionals who can understand, generate, and interpret health research to help them make effective decisions. Graduate and professional schools are looking for students who have experience in research design, data management, and analysis.

The Health Research Specialization will provide you with advanced opportunities to generate and interpret health research and evaluation data that is vital to the development of health programs, services, and policies. This specialization will provide you with a strong understanding of research methods, access to advanced seminars, and the opportunity to conduct an honours thesis (research project) under the supervision of a professor.

Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar - Health Research Specialization for the Health Sciences program, or the Undergraduate Calendar - Health Research Specialization for the Public Health program for a full list of courses in the specialization.

How do I apply?

If you are a current student interested in pursuing the Health Research Specialization, see your academic advisor after first year to actively start planning your course sequence.  A completed Plan Modification Form must be submitted to your advisor before the beginning of your 3B term.

If you are a future student interested in this specialization you should apply to the Health Studies program or Public Health program (co-op or regular). You can declare the specialization at the end of your first year.

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