PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Anis Sharafoddini.


PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems, 2014-2019

Graduate supervisors

Joel Dubin and Joon Lee 

My thesis

The goal of our research was to learn from electronic health records by means of patient similarity analytics. We found that patient similarity analytics can accelerate the move toward precision medicine, the goal of which is to provide treatment and prevention strategies that take individual variability into consideration.

My time in the School of Public Health and Health Systems (SPHHS)

I really enjoyed my experience at the SPHHS. Aside from the invaluable learning experience during my PhD, I had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people and learn beyond my thesis. I also made friends with many people including SPHHS staff who were always supportive and kind to me in spite of their hectic schedules. Thank you, fabulous SPHHS!

University of Waterloo