Harnoor Rangi

Senior Consultant, Deloitte Canada
Harnoor Rangi

Master of Health Informatics: Opening the door to opportunity and career advancement

Harnoor Rangi has always been interested in using technology and digital systems to improve healthcare. After graduating from the Master of Health Informatics program, Harnoor is now employed as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Canada, and works with a variety of clients to analyze big sets of data and find ways to enhance production efficiency.

Prior to working at Deloitte, Harnoor was more focused on computer networks rather than data analysis. He was a field engineer for a major healthcare products and solutions company, and was looking for a way to upgrade his skills and knowledge. He stumbled upon the MHI program at Waterloo and everything changed. The online courses, practicum, and flexibility of the MHI allowed him to see an opportunity to enhance his skill set and take a new direction in his career. Harnoor applied to the MHI program with particular interest in using hands-on experience to apply new strategies to real world problems. He credits the MHI program for showing him a world of new technologies and how to hone his technical skills which now serve as a foundation for the work he does today. Courses that focused on statistics and database management have given him the expertise that forms the foundation of his new career.

Tackling real world problems with practical knowledge

Most importantly during his experience in the MHI program, Harnoor developed connections with his professors who provided mentorship and made distance learning seamlessly easy. Working closely with Professor Helen Chen during his 4 month practicum, Harnoor applied the skills that he developed from his coursework to help optimize clinical trials for establishments such as Roche Pharmaceuticals and the University Health Network. Harnoor developed confidence in a new field of work while gaining practical experience that helped him land his current position at Deloitte Canada.

The program gave me a huge career jump….I received amazing job offers not only after I completed the program, but even before I finished my Master’s. So actually, this was a life changer for me.