Brian Laird

Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Brian Laird

Contact information

Office: BMH 3117

Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 42720

Fax: 519-746–6776


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Research interests

The underlying objective of my research is to improve the characterization of human exposures and risks from environmental contamination. I'm particularly interested in the development of tools and approaches that: (i) quantify the health risks from dietary contaminants, (ii) develop optimal intervention strategies where necessary, and (iii) explore the extent to which nutrients offset contaminant risks. To these ends, I have undertaken a two-pronged research program that: a) examines population level contaminant exposure through biomonitoring; and b) investigates the ways and means by which selenium and omega-3 fatty acids counter the health risks posed by methylmercury.

Graduate supervision and student opportunities

I am currently accepting applications from graduate students with research interests related to:

  • Toxicology
  • Exposure science
  • Environmental health
  • Risk assessment
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MSc Public Health and Health Systems candidate, Danielle Brandow works with Professor Laird researching links between contaminant exposure, nutritional status, and food use in First Nation and Metis communities in the Northwest Territories. Watch Danielle's research experience from her perspective.

Graduate studies application details

Teaching interests

  • Environmental health
  • Environmental toxicology
  • Chemical risk assessment and management


BSc Environmental Toxicology, University of Guelph

PhD Toxicology, University of Saskatchewan

PDF Biology, University of Ottawa

PDF Community Health Sciences, University of Northern British Columbia

Selected publications

See Google Scholar for full list of publications.