Carrie McAiney

Associate Professor; Schlegel Research Chair in Dementia

Adjunct Professor, Department of Family Medicine, McGill University
Associate Professor (Part-time), Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster University

Carrie McAiney

Contact information

Office: LHN 3728

Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 45642


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Research interests

While research continues on finding a cure for dementia, there are hundreds of thousands of Canadians currently living with dementia who need care, support, and opportunities to live well.

My research aims to enhance quality of life and care experiences for persons living with dementia, family care partners, and staff/providers who support them. My approach to research involves working collaboratively with persons living with dementia, family care partners, providers, organizations, advocacy groups, policy makers and other researchers to identify research questions that are meaningful and to ensure that our findings are shared with a broad array of stakeholders. Specific interests include: long-term care, retirement living, primary care, engaging persons with lived experience, participatory research, and implementation science.

Graduate supervision and student opportunities

I am currently accepting applications from graduate students with research interests related to:

  • Dementia care and/or experiences
  • Culture change
  • Long-term care
  • Retirement living

Graduate studies application details

Teaching interests

  • Dementia care
  • Health and community support systems for older adults


BA Honours Psychology, University of Waterloo

MA Gerontology, University of Waterloo

PhD Health Studies and Gerontology, University of Waterloo

Selected publications 

See Google Scholar for full list of publications.

Ganann, R., McAiney, C., Johnson, W. (accepted). Engaging older adults as partners in transitional care research. Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Perrella, A., McAiney, C., & Ploeg, J. (accepted). Rewards and challenges in caring for older adults with multiple chronic conditions: Perspectives of seniors' mental health case managers. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health.

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Ploeg, J., McAiney, C., Duggleby, W., Chambers, T., Lam, A., Peacock, S., Fisher, K., Forbes, D.A., Ghosh, S., Markle-Reid, M., Triscott, J., & Williams, A. (2018). Using a Web-based transitions intervention to help informal caregivers of older adults with dementia and multiple chronic conditions: A qualitative study. Journal of Medical Internet Research – Aging, 1(1). doi:10.2196/aging.8475

McAiney, C.A., Ploeg, J., Wickson-Griffiths, A., Kaasalainen, S., Akhtar-Danesh, N., Donald, F., Martin-Misener, R., Carter, N., Sangster-Gormley, E., Brazil, K., Taniguchi, A., & Schindel-Martin, L. (2017). Perspectives of nurse practitioner-physician collaboration among nurse practitioners in Canadian long-term care homes: A national survey. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 30(4), 10-25.

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McAiney, C.A., Hillier, L., Paul, J., McKinnon-Wilson, J., Phelan, A., & Wagner, F. (2017). Improving the seniors' transition from hospital to the community: A case for intensive geriatric service workers. International Psychogeriatrics, 29(1), 149–163. doi:10.1017/S1041610216001058 

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