Kelly Gregory

MSc, Public Health and Health Systems

Kelly Gregory


MSc Public Health and Health Systems

Graduate supervisors

Elena Neiterman and John Mielke 

My thesis  

My thesis explores the occupational experiences of women first responders, through a comparative analysis of women police officers, firefighters and paramedics. The sparce literature on this topic suggests that increasing numbers of women are striving to do this work, however they must take on additional risk when doing so. Beyond the typical occupational stress, women first responders face higher rates of harassment and discrimination, problematic substance use, and reproductive health issues, among other challenges. This research will use qualitative interviews, grounded theory and a Gender Based Analysis Plus lens to shed light on this subject. It is my hope that this work increases our understanding of women’s experiences in these roles to support the recruitment and sustainability of women in these industries, as well as their health and well-being. Findings may also apply to military or other healthcare settings, as well as to any organization making commitments to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

My time in the School of Public Health Sciences (SPHS)  

My time in SPHS has been stimulating, challenging, and expanding to my life and my goals. However, working with my supportive and encouraging supervisors across my time with SPHS has been truly invaluable.