Kirsten Lee

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems
Kirsten Lee.


PhD, Public Health and Health Systems

Graduate supervisor

Sharon Kirkpatrick

My thesis

My research investigates the potential for nutrition labelling on menus to support healthy and sustainable eating in cafeterias. We worked with Food Services at the University of Waterloo to implement different calorie labelling formats in residence cafeterias on campus. We are comparing labels with numeric nutrition information (e.g., 300 calories) to labels with symbols (e.g., traffic light colours) to see if post-secondary students notice and use the labels to help make their purchases. My analyses will also assess whether the labels improved the dietary quality and environmental impact of the foods and beverages purchased at the cafeterias. This work will inform policies and strategies to help consumers make healthy and environmentally sustainable food and beverage choices in restaurants and cafeterias, which is important for improving the overall health of Canadians and supporting the planet.

My time in the School of Public Health and Health Systems (SPHHS)

SPHHS has been at the core of my learning and development ever since my first taste of food research (pun intended!) during my undergraduate studies. Whether seeking guidance on research methodology or resources to organize events, I have always felt supported by the openness and excitement for learning among faculty, staff, and students. Thank you SPHHS for creating a diverse and collaborative community that continues to engage in new ideas!