Laura Fadrique

MSc student, Public Health and Health Systems

Laura Fadrique.


MSc, Public Health and Health Systems, 2017-2019

Graduate supervisor

Plinio Morita

My thesis

My research aimed to study privacy and user trust in companies, and transparency in healthcare IoT (Internet of Things) data collection. We used a user-centered approach to explore people's willingness to share their data with different types of organizations including healthcare providers, government, big companies (e.g. Amazon or Google) and insurance companies. We carried out online questionnaires to identify levels of user trust in different scenarios such as sharing data to improve their own health and the health of the population and obtain better government and community services. Results showed significant differences in levels of trust for data sharing in the four different types of organizations in Canada, USA and Europe. Trust levels related to insurance companies were the lowest, followed by big companies and government. People’s willingness to share data with health providers was the highest.

My time in the School of Public Health and Health Systems (SPHHS)

My two years in SPHHS were filled with opportunities and friendships that made my master's a unique and enjoyable experience. I had the chance to collaborate with incredible people and learn beyond my thesis. I had the support of my lab team, supervisor and colleagues. Thank you, SPHHS!