Roy Cameron

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Contact information

No longer supervising new students


BA English (1969, University of Waterloo)

MA English (1973, University of Waterloo)

MA Psychology (1973, University of Waterloo)

PhD Psychology (1976, University of Waterloo)

Teaching interests

HSG 601 - Lifespan approaches to disease prevention and health

Research interests

Population intervention for chronic disease prevention, with a focus on tobacco control and comprehensive approaches to promoting youth health. Understanding how to create an environment that enables linkage of evidence and action to advance population intervention in chronic disease prevention.

Major funding sources

CIHR, Canadian Cancer Research Institute, and other funders

Selected publications

  • Smith, P., Corso, L., Brown, KS., Cameron, R. , Nurse case-managed tobacco cessation interventions for general hospital patients: Results of a randomized clinical trial. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, in press.
  • Riley B, Manske S, Cameron R (on behalf of Youth Excel). Youth Excel: Towards a pan-Canadian platform linking evidence and action for prevention.Cancer, in press.
  • Riley, B., Cameron, R., Campbell, S., Manske, S., Lamers-Bellio, K., Czukar , D. Exploring the use of common measures across jurisdictions to advance knowledge and improve population intervention for chronic disease prevention.Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, in press.
  • Hanusaik N, O'Loughlin JL, Kishchuk N, Paradis, G, Cameron R. (2009) Organizational capacity for chronic disease prevention: A survey of Canadian public health organizations. The European Journal of Public Health, in press [ISI impact 2.176]
  • Dobbins, M., Hanna, S., Ciliska, D., Manske, S., Cameron, R., Mercer, S., O’Mara, L., DeCorby, K., Robeson, P.  A randomized controlled trial evaluating the impact of knowledge translation and exchange strategies. Implementation Science, 2009; 4(61). <URL:>.
  • Leatherdale S, Manske S, Wong S, Cameron R.  Integrating research, policy, and practice in school-based physical activity prevention programming: The School Health Action, Planning, and Evaluation System (SHAPES) physical activity module. Health Promotion Practice. 2009; 10(2): 254-261.
  • Cameron R, Riley B, Campbell HS, Manske S, Lamers-Bellio K. The imperative of strategic alignment across organizations: The experience of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Centre for Behavioural Research and Program Evaluation.Canadian Journal of Public Health2009; 100(1): i27-30.
  • Riley, B., Stachenko, S., Wilson, E., Harvey, D., Cameron, R., Farquharson, J., Donovan, C., Taylor, G. (2009). Can the Canadian Heart Health Initiative Inform the Population Health Intervention Research Initiative for Canada?Canadian Journal of Public Health2009; 100(1): i20-26.
  • Cameron, R., Manske, S., Brown, K., Jolin, M., Murnaghan, D., Lovato, C.  Integrating Public Health Policy, Practice, Evaluation, Surveillance, and Research Using Local Data Collection and Feedback Systems:  A Prototype Focused on Schools.  American Journal of Public Health. 2007; 97 (4): 648-654.
  • Cameron, R., Bauman A., Rose A.  Innovations in Population Intervention Research Capacity. The Contributions of Canada on the Move. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 2006; 97 (1): S5-S9.
  • Green L.W., Orleans T., Ottoson, J., Cameron R., Pierce J., Bettinghaus E. Inferring Strategies for Disseminating Physical Activity Policies, Programs, and Practices from the Successes of Tobacco Control.  American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2006; 31 (4S): S66-S81.