Somkene Igboanugo

PhD student, Public Health and Health Systems

Somkene Igboanugo.


PhD, Public Health and Health Systems (Work and Health)

Graduate supervisor

John Mielke 

My thesis

My research explores the embedding of psychosocial stress among firefighters and university faculty. Using regression analytical models, I will examine associations between psychosocial stress and the biological embedding of stress using the Allostatic Load Index. This index comprises of key health biomarkers (e.g., heart rate variability, hair cortisol concentration) that measure wear and tear on the body. Further, I will test if the association between psychosocial stress and its biological embedding is moderated (reduced) by social support.

Findings from my research will contribute to knowledge surrounding the relationship between stress and disease and will guide efforts to address psychosocial stress affecting firefighters and academic professionals. 

My time in the School of Public Health and Health Systems (SPHHS)

So far, my journey in SPHHS has been wholesome. I have been fortunate to work alongside a dedicated team that has provided a supportive environment for me to flourish and develop as a researcher. Also, my work in SPHHS has provided me with the privilege of collaborating with great people at Waterloo Fire Rescue and other key stakeholders who share the common goal of addressing stress in the workplace.