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Kelly Anthony

Continuing Lecturer

Research interests: attitudes regarding public policies (both US and Canadian) designed to protect disadvantaged groups; prejudice; attitudes towards, and responses to, dying and the death process; individualism and collectivism and culture

Zahid A. Butt

Assistant Professor

Research interests: syndemics of infectious diseases, determinants of syndemics, methods for big data analysis, global health, spatial epidemiologic methods, development of a syndemic framework for non-communicable diseases and cancers

Joel Dubin


Research interests: longitudinal data methodology and analysis, survival methodology and analysis, graphical methods, prediction models. Application areas include nephrology, cancer, smoking cessation, aging, and the environment.

Narveen Jandu

Continuing Lecturer

Research interests: molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of communicable bacterial infectious diseases, public health prevention of infectious diseases through immunizations, appropriate health and hygiene practices, harm reduction programs

Brian Laird

Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Research interests: contaminants; risk assessment; risk communication; hazard; environmental health; exposure; country food; aboriginal; First Nations; Inuit; mercury; arsenic; selenium; diet; mixtures; nutrient-toxicant interaction; toxicology; soil; bioaccessibility; bioavailability; contaminated sites; Dehcho region

Jane Law

Associate Professor

Research interests: health geomatics; healthy communities; disease mapping; measurement error, data uncertainty, and missing data adjustment in public health research; Bayesian spatial modelling and analysis in health research; determinants of health outcomes; health and crime; diet and health outcomes

Scott Leatherdale

Professor; University Research Chair

Research interests: health behaviour surveillance (physical activity, obesity, alcohol and drug use, tobacco use, eating behaviour, sedentary behaviour); built environment and behaviour; impact of policies / programs on behaviour; co-morbid health behaviours; internet gambling and problem gambling; knowledge translation and exchange systems; cancer epidemiology; social epidemiology

Samantha Meyer

Associate Professor; Associate Director, Research Graduate Studies

Research interests: trust and risk in medical decision making; access to and uptake of preventative services in Canada and Australia (specifically vaccination and cancer screening); access to and social determinants of bariatric surgery; food regulation and policy; and trust in food.

Elena Neiterman

Continuing Lecturer

Research interests: health human resources, work-life balance, retention of midwives in Canada, women’s experiences of pregnancy, international students in Canada, and technology use in academic classrooms