The RoboHub's research team works with a diverse group of professors from across many different faculties and departments at the University of Waterloo to support the RoboHub's research goals.

These research affiliates are all research collaborators, frequent sources of inspiration, and valuable contributors to the discussions that surround the RoboHub's overall research themes.

The profiles below highlight the research affiliates who are regular collaborators with the RoboHub. For the complete list of on-campus affiliates, visit our affiliated researchers contact page.

Professor Edith Law

Edith Law

Assistant Professor

Professor Edith Law focuses on how people can enhance intelligent systems (e.g., human-in-the-loop systems) and how people can make sense of intelligent systems, including issues related to transparency, engagement, trust and collaboration.

John McPhee

John McPhee


Professor John McPhee is the Canada Research Chair in Biomechatronic System Dynamics. His group uses dynamic models to develop optimal designs and model-based controllers for sports equipment, rehabilitation robots, and exoskeletons.