Introduction: Struggles and Challenges faced by Not for Profit Organizations (NPOs)

A look into the variety of challenges and questions NPOs face, especially in their start-up phase.

Not for Profit Organizations (“NPOs”) face a variety of challenges and questions, especially in their start-up phase. From finding employees and volunteers to funding and resources, there are many important business decisions NPOs must make as they build their organization. These decisions can be difficult, and sometimes it is hard to figure out where and how to start.

To help NPOs learn more about these challenges, we have created a series of articles addressing a variety of challenges Not-for-Profits may face. These articles discuss a variety of challenges and factors Not-for-Profits may want to consider in their decision-making process so they can make informed and confident decisions. A summary of each article is featured below:

How To Recruit

An overview of the recruitment process NPOs go through with employees and volunteers. It discusses the significance of attracting and retaining employees for an organization.

Resource Management

A look into what NPOs can do to engage volunteers, with a focus on how to thrive in an online environment.

Fundraising Strategies

A summary of different fundraising strategies NPOs can use with a focus on the significance and use of digital fundraising.

Cash Flow Constraints

A dive into the cash flow restraints many NPOs face. The article discusses the challenges related to cash inflows and outflows, as well as potential solutions and steps NPOs can take to develop and maintain strong cash flow management. 

Finding & Retaining Donors

An overview of the role donors plays for NPOs. The article discusses what donors do, why they are important, and how to attract and retain these donors.

To Incorporate or Not?

A look into the Incorporation decision NPOs face. It discusses the incorporation options available to NPOs as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with these options.

The Registered Charity Status

An overview of how the Registered Charity status works for NPOs and why or why not a registered charity status may work for some organizations.

These articles address a series of challenges and decisions NPOs may face especially during the early stages of development. Our articles aim to be a resource for NPOs to learn more and inform their decisions. To explore this series of articles, check out any of the articles above or check out some of the other work done by our group as we explore.

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