About the Sustainability Integration Conference

About the Conference

The University of Waterloo Hub for Sustainability Integration Conference aims to inspire innovation in the field of integrating sustainability into business. We'll bring together leaders in sustainability to deepen your understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead to balance profit with purpose, without compromising the planet.

We invite you to connect with thought leaders in sustainability integration; equip yourself with the expertise and strategies to advocate for sustainability; learn how to integrate sustainable principles into your business decisions; explore new and innovative ideas at the intersection of business and sustainability; and join a community of experts and change-makers to become a catalyst for progress.

Together, we can create a legacy of sustainable growth for generations to come.

About the Hub for Sustainability Integration

The Hub for Sustainability Integration is a partnership between the School of Accounting and Finance and the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo.

The Hub is a sustainability ecosystem that brings together a student consultancy and a sustainability business council, while incorporating professional development. This initiative fosters innovation and advancement of sustainability integration within organizations and with students.

The Hub's ultimate goal is to have sustainability be a consideration in all business decisions. To this end, the University of Waterloo is being defined as a world leader in sustainability integration that provides experiential learning to establish skills in business, consultancy and sustainability.

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About the School of Accounting and Finance

The School of Accounting and Finance (SAF), inspires the next generation of leaders who will help drive change in all areas of society by redefining what it means to be an accounting and financial professional.

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Embedded in Waterloo's culture of innovation, SAF students and faculty tap into and contribute to the resources that inspire cross-disciplinary collaboration and push their expertise into new territories. SAF has seized the opportunity to innovate in the combined fields of environment, social impact, and financial management, by partnering with the Faculty of Environment to launch a new undergraduate program, Sustainability and Financial Management (SFM), the first of its kind in Canada.

SAF alumni and faculty reach the top of their fields and shape the industry through a global perspective that champions innovation and courage. Close ties with governing bodies and business allows SAF to lead the professions forward while transforming them. 

About the Faculty of Environment

For over 50 years the Faculty of Environment has been dedicated to having a positive impact locally and globally. 

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Today, sustainability is a driver of modernization, where industry and environment, ecology and economy are not conflicting goals, but rather intrinsically linked. As the pace of technological change accelerates, environmental concerns reach crisis levels and demands for justice intensify, there is an imperative to focus our research on the world’s most pressing challenges.

Their vision is to use their unique position as a leading teaching and research institute for the environment to create sustainable solutions needed to address the complex challenges facing our world.

If you have any questions, please contact uwsustainabilityhub@uwaterloo.ca.