Undergraduate Programs

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One School - Four Programs, Three Faculties

CPA logoThe School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) offers 4 distinct undergraduate programs to lead you to the professional business career you’ve always wanted.

Arts, Math, and Science have joined together to create a dynamic, multifaceted, experiential learning environment that tailors your degree to be a double-threat graduate which means that you’ll be ready to advance your career by the time you graduate, not just start it.

Waterloo's School of Accounting and Finance holds the highest level of national accreditation from CPA Canada, providing you with a direct pathway to the CPA designation.

The School's AFM and CFM programs are recognized under the CFA University Affiliation Program. As a student, you will receive advance preparation to challenge the 3 CFA accreditation exams as early as Year 4 of the program.

Each year, SAF graduates demonstrate their expertise in the accounting field by excelling in the CPA Common Final Exam (CFE). Learn more about SAF's Student and Graduate Employment successes.