Director’s Advisory Council

The Advisory Council exists to help further the goals of the School. It acts as a body of leadership, influence and support with the external stakeholders the School serves. The Council provides a link to those individuals and organizations with the resources, knowledge, and contacts that the School requires to achieve its goals. We want to thank those alumni, past and present, that have offered their time, expertise, and support through the Director’s Advisory Council.

The principal functions of the Advisory Council includes advising the School, through the Director, on issues that have the most significant impact on the accomplishment of the School's goals. They also advise on the School's long-term planning and special initiatives. The Council communicates, endorses and advocates the School's interests to external stakeholders such as the accounting and finance professions and the business community; to raise its profile as a leading accounting and finance education provider, and to engender support and understanding of its objectives all while providing insights into the financial services sector.

Advisory Council Members