6 September 2016

To: Faculty and Staff

From: Nadia Singh, Associate University Secretary, Secretariat & Office of General Counsel

Subject: Revisions to Policy 29 - Smoking

Date: 6 September 2016

The University’s policy on smoking (Policy #29 - Smoking) has been updated, and includes some notable changes in response to recent provincial legislation and aims to reduce smoking in prohibited areas through enforcement. The policy applies to everyone on campus, including employees, students and visitors.

The University prohibits smoking:

  • in any building, bus shelter or other enclosed area;
  • in University owned or operated vehicles;
  • within 10 meters of any building;
  • on or within 20 meters of sports playing fields, surfaces and spectator areas;
  • on or within 20 meters of children’s playgrounds;
  • on restaurant and bar patios

The University uses a comprehensive definition of smoking, which includes holding a smoking device, for the purpose of burning, vaporising, inhaling or exhaling any substance. This means in addition to traditional cigarettes and the like, use of e-cigarettes and vaping are also only permitted outside of these areas.

A new enforcement strategy will be in force as of September 1, 2016 where University Police will promote awareness and compliance with the policy. Campus Police Services will assist with education and enforcement by identifying individuals not following the policy and responding to complaints, and can issue warnings and monetary fines. For employees, department line management will continue to ensure compliance with respect to areas and individuals under their authority.

The goal of the policy is to promote a healthy work and learning environment and reduce smoking on campus. Smoking cessation resources are available to both employees and students. Employees can visit Occupational Health’s Smoking Cessation resource page to learn more. Students should check out Leave the Pack Behind, a tobacco control program that offers young adults smoking and quitting information, personalized support, and quitting resources – all for free!