University Appointments Review Committee

Chair: Gerry Schneider, University Professor, Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering
Secretary: Alice Raynard, Associate University Secretary

Terms of reference

This Committee operates under the terms set out in Policy 76, Faculty Appointments, Section 5.C.


Name and Consituency

Term End

Clark Dickerson (Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology) 30 April 2023
Brian Dixon (Science - Biology) 30 April 2022
Anna Esselment (Arts - Political Science) 30 April 2021
Tadeusz Gorecki (Science - Chemistry) 30 April 2022
Penny Haxell (Math - Combinatorics & Optimization) 30 April 2022
Marios Ioannidis (Engineering - Chemical Engineering) 30 April 2022
Heather Mair (AHS - Recreation & Leisure Studies) 30 April 2021
Prateep Nayak (Environment - School of Environment, Enterprise and Development) 30 April 2021
Catherine Rosenberg (Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering) 30 April 2021
Gerry Schneider (Engineering - Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering) 30 April 2022
Peter van Beek (Math - School of Computer Science) 31 March 2021
Johanna Wandel (Environment - Geography & Environmental Management) 30 April 2021
Vacancy - Arts TBD

Summary of Recruiting Efforts for UW Faculty Positions  (pdf) (for completion by Department and Faculty)

Checklist for UARC File Submission (pdf) (for Completion by Department and faculty)

Overview of Chair's Memo to the Dean

Overview of Submission of Files to UARC Process (for reference by department and dean's office)

Conflict of Interest in Hiring Committees

University Appoints Review Committee Presentation 2018

Records Classification HR-10 - Appointments (Regular Faculty)

VPAP Forms and Templates

Equitable Recruitment and Selection Toolkit