This is the UWSA organizational chart as of fall 2023. A text description of the chart follows.

UWSA Organizational Chart. Text version follows.

Description of UWSA's organization chart

Members and area representatives are at the top, on an equal level connected by a dotted line. There is no hierarchy between members and area representatives.

There is a solid line from members down to a large box containing the Board of Directors with a note in parentheses indicating that the board is responsible for governance and strategic planning (to be compared with the operations work of the Operations Team in another box). Within the box are the chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, and five additional directors. 

The Board of Directors box has solid lines down to the Governance and Nominations Committee, and the Finance Committee, which are the two standing committees of the association. The Board of Directors delegates work to these committees and they report back to the board.

The Board of Directors box also has a solid line to a second large box containing the Operations Team, which includes two levels of hierarchy. On one level are the president, president-elect, and past president, connected by dashed lines. The president is in a larger font, indicating that they hold the most prominent position in this section of the chart. On the second level, reporting to the president, are the executive manager, membership and volunteer coordinator, and communications officer.