Staff with temporary appointments (“contract staff”) now make up 1/5 of the University of Waterloo Staff Association (“UWSA”) membership and the UWSA needs to become more familiar with their unique needs. The purpose of the Contract Staff Working Group is to identify ways in which the UWSA can improve opportunities and services for contract staff within the UWSA, and help staff in temporary appointments feel safe, empowered to grow, and able to thrive.

The working group was struck in June 2024. For information, please contact Sophia Bhatti, working group chair, or Laura McDonald, the working group's sponsor from the UWSA Operations Team.

Working group membership

Six of the nine working group members, including the chair, are contract staff.

Working group member Home department

Sophia Bhatti (chair)

Office of the VP Research and International

David Logan

Campus Wellness

Dikshant Ghimire

Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing

Don Davies

Office of the VP Research and International

Elizabeth Bohnert


Kelli MacCulloch

Arts Dean's Office

Megan Sherritt


Natasha Poley

Systems Design Engineering

Shawn Lotte

Environment Dean's Office