1. Purpose

To review member cases to ensure support, guidance, and advocacy are in place for UWSA members.

2. Mandate

  • To give in-depth strategic consideration to members’ advisory cases
  • To support the UWSA Executive Manager in managing members’ advisory cases
  • To consider the implications of UW policies on staff working conditions
  • To ensure all members have support: committee members may be called upon to support and advocate for individual members when contacted directly or when the Executive Manager has a conflict.
  • To ensure that the UWSA possesses required skills and competencies to effectively support its members
  • To act in alignment with all applicable UW and UWSA policies and guidelines

3. Reporting relationships

The Members Advisory Committee reports to the UWSA President.

4. Membership

The Members' Advisory Committee consists of:

  • UWSA Executive Manager (ex officio)
  • UWSA President (ex officio)
  • UWSA Past-President (ex officio)
  • UWSA President-elect (ex officio)
  • The President or Executive Manager may choose to invite a resource person as required to meetings

5. Chair

The UWSA Executive Manager shall serve as Chair.

6. Recording secretary

No minutes are kept; the Executive Manager shall document cases as appropriate.

7. Frequency of meetings

The Members’ Advisory Committee shall normally meet once per week.

8. Quorum

A quorum shall be the UWSA Executive Manager plus two committee members.

9. Appointment

All Members are ex officio.

10. Circulation of minutes

No minutes are kept; the Executive Manager shall document cases as appropriate.

Revised: April 19, 2022, April 19, 2023
Approved: July 15, 2022