Committees and representation

Our role in University of Waterloo decision making

The University makes extensive use of committees in decision-making. Since 1975, the University of Waterloo Staff Association (UWSA) has succeeded in securing staff membership on virtually all of these important University of Waterloo committees, appointing representatives from the UWSA Board of Directors or from the UWSA membership.

See details about appointments to University and joint UW–UWSA committees.

UWSA Area Representatives Committee 

Area Reps are a self-organized group of UWSA members from across the University that facilitates communication between the UWSA leadership and members. Members can join at any time.

Staff Association committees

The UWSA Board of Directors has two standing committees: the Finance Committee and Governance and Nominations Committee. Committees relating to UWSA operations include the Appointments Committee, Fundraising & Social Committee, Staff Enhancement Grant Committee, and more.

See details about all Staff Association committees.

Board of Directors

The UWSA is governed by nine officers and directors collectively called the “Board of Directors”. The Board's responsibility is to ensure that the work of the UWSA is in full alignment with our by-law and governing principles. 

See the current Board members.