Appointments Committee

Purpose: The Appointments Committee nominates and/or appoints regular full-time and regular part-time Staff Association members as representatives:

  • University or UWSA Standing Committees
  • University or UWSA Ad Hoc Committees requiring staff representatives

Some committee memberships are governed by University policy or University of Waterloo Staff Association (UWSA) policy and therefore operate outside the Appointments Committee’s Terms of Reference. As well, from time-to-time some ad hoc committees may be staffed by individuals not selected through this committee but by the President of the UWSA. See full terms of reference (PDF).

Members’ Advisory Committee

Purpose: The Committee, working with the UWSA Executive Manager, provides institutional guidance and support for UWSA members navigating University of Waterloo policies and procedures, both formally and informally, and will provide recommendations to the Executive Committee. See full terms of reference (PDF) .

Fundraising & Social Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Fundraising and Social Committee is to organize social and fundraising events for the enjoyment of staff members. See full terms of reference (PDF) .

Pension, Benefits & Staff Compensation sub-committee

Purpose: The Pension & Benefits & Staff Compensation sub-committee monitors the Waterloo Pension and Benefit Package and the Waterloo Compensation Package (which includes salary, overtime and vacation entitlements) relative to perceived reasonableness and acceptability by staff and to make alternative recommendations to the UWSA Board. The UWSA Board will examine these recommendations and forward to the UW Pension & Benefits Committee or the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation, as appropriate, those proposals which are well-supported and appear to have merit. See full terms of reference (PDF).

Note: This committee is a sub-committee of the UWSA and is not to be confused with the University of Waterloo Pension & Benefits Committee.

Staff Enhancement Grant Committee

Purpose: The Staff Enhancement Grant (SEG) Approval sub-committee reviews the SEG applications from UWSA members and determines funds awarded from a pre-determined individual limit and annual budget allocation. See SEG online application and full terms of reference (PDF).

Staff Excellence Fund Committee

Purpose: The Staff Excellence Fund (SEF) is managed by the Provost's Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation (PACSC). PACSC has delegated responsibility to the UWSA to bring forward proposals from staff for two portions of this fund:

  • Engagement and Leadership Development: $50,000/year
  • Healthy Workplace Initiatives: $85,000/year

The UWSA has established the SEF committee to solicit and evaluate these proposals. PACSC uses the report from this committee to make final funding decisions on proposals. For more information, see the committee terms of reference (PDF) and the Staff Excellence Fund web page.

President's Stipend Review Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the President’s Stipend Review Committee is to review the UWSA President’s stipend in every odd number year beginning in 2019 and to make a recommendation to the UWSA Board of Directors about the value of the stipend by March 1st of the review year. See the full terms of reference (PDF) and this committee's guidelines (PDF)

Information Technology Review Committee

Purpose: The use of Information Technology (IT) by the UWSA staff and board, while offering many efficiencies to our processes and operations, does come with costs and risks. No overall evaluation of IT use by the UWSA has been performed to date. Given its importance to our work, the UWSA Board would like to review this area. See the full terms of reference (PDF)

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