Term of office: February–October 2024

Pronouns: she/her

About Lillian: Lillian is a Learning Technologies Analyst at the Centre for Extended Learning

Reason for running: Having been part of the University community in various roles for many years including as a graduate student, I continually meet, learn, and draw inspiration from the diverse members of the UW campus. I have been involved in the UWSA for the past seven years as an Area Rep which provided insights to the important work accomplished by the UWSA. This led to my desire to take on a more substantial role in ensuring staff are heard, supported, and treated equitably. Staff are invaluable members of the campus community and deserve just recognition and compensation for their dedication and hard work.

Vision for the UWSA: For the UWSA to become a more prominent and diverse voice in unifying and empowering all staff in advocating for healthier working conditions and fulfilling opportunities.

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