Objective O1:

By 2019, develop a long-term Climate and Energy Action Plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, with interim milestones for 2025 and 2035

Progress: Somewhat complete

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Description: Waterloo continues to develop an integrated Climate and Energy Action Plan, and expects completion in early 2020.

While Waterloo has seen important historical emissions decreases on an intensity basis, this has largely been reflective of provincial changes to the electricity grid. The underlying drivers of Waterloo’s emissions will continue to increase based on campus growth. New data has made it possible to collect information on emissions from business travel and commuting, which is why there was an increase in Scope 3 emissions in 2018.


Objective O2:

Implement cost-effective and practical strategies to reduce or minimize growth in energy use on campus

Progress: Started

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Description: Waterloo’s overall energy consumption continues to increase in aggregate and on an intensity basis. Although some energy efficiency projects have been implemented, they are not enough to offset the growth of the campus or the increase in other energy-intensive areas, such as in labs and computing equipment.