Objective O3:

By 2025, achieve a 60% diversion rate; by 2035, become a zero-waste campus (90% diversion rate)

Progress: Started

A pie chart one-quarter full, illustrating that the objective has been started

Description: Waterloo recalculated its diversion rate in 2018 to reflect better methodology for yard waste and scrap wood. This lowered the overall diversion rate for all years.

Waterloo’s diversion rate has continued to improve as the campus initiates new programs and services to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. Continued planned changes will continue this trend.


Objective O4:

By 2025, reduce water intensity by 5% per square metre from a 2015 baseline

Progress: Not started

An empty pie chart, illustrating that the objective has not been started

Description: While the University of Waterloo experienced a substantial decrease in water consumption between 2015 and 2017, exceeding the University’s objective, it is not clear why this drop occurred. There were no new actions initiated in 2017 that explain a significant decrease in water usage. This may be an oddity and it is too early to determine if this is a sustained result. 


Objective O5:

By 2025, expand the deployment of stormwater management technologies to targeted areas

Progress: Mostly complete

Three-quarter filled circle, mostly complete objective

Description: Waterloo has several stormwater features on South Campus, North Campus, and North-West campus.