Shaping the world

Students, staff, and faculty at United are engaging their passions and working to make this world a better place.

How we're doing it

  • International Development Fellowships: If you are an International Development student, United will help you prepare for your eight-month field placement by providing free accommodations and more.

  • Student Refugee Program: United supports a refugee student living in residence for their first or second year of studies at the University of Waterloo, and undergraduate residents can opt to contribute to this student as well.

  • St. Paul's GreenHouse: We offer a live-in program for undergraduate students after their first year who are eager to pursue environmental and social change in a mentored setting while finishing their studies.

  • Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre: We facilitate the sharing of Indigenous knowledge and provide information to all members of the University of Waterloo community, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, staff, and faculty.

  • Green Initiatives: We strive to be as environmentally sustainable as we can. Read about some of our initiatives.

  • Green Dining Award: Watson's Eatery is one of a handful of food-service providers to have received a Green Dining Award from Compass Group Canada.