Accommodation Fees

2022-2023 Graduate Building Accommodation Fees 

Please refer to the Fee Payment page for all payment details.

United's Graduate Students Apartments are considered a "student residence" (line 6114) for Ontario tax credit claims. We do not issue official tax receipts as you do not pay tax on your housing at United.

Apartment rental fees ​​​: 

1-Bedroom Apartment | $1,323 per month 

2-Bedroom Apartment | $1,666 per month 


Apartment rent includes: Apartment rent does not include:


Air Conditioning 



Internet (UW IST)

Use of all common spaces 

Parking (available for purchase each term)





Furniture (can be rented on a term-by-term basis)


A last month's rent deposit is required when signing an apartment contract. This deposit is used towards the final month of occupancy.

Shared Suites and Private Room fees 

September 2022 - August 2023

All units are fully furnished and prices include heat, air conditioning, electricity, water, internet (UW IST) and use of all common spaces. 

Unit type

Special rate for three-term contracts * Regular rate for two-term contracts **
Economy suite (no lounge) $3,264 per person per term $4,878 per person per term
2-bedroom suite (with lounge) $3,428 per person per term $5,029 per person per term
3-bedroom suite (with lounge) $3,264 per person per term $4,878 per person per term
Private room (with bathroom, microwave and bar fridge; access to shared kitchen) $3,428 per person per term $5,029 per person per term


* Special rate applies to contracts consisting of three consecutive terms, single-term renewals on three-term contracts, and single-term contracts in Winter or Spring (subject to availability)

** Regular rate applies to 2-term contracts: Fall/Winter or Fall/Spring

A $500 deposit is required when signing a shared suite or private room contract. This deposit is returned after the final inspection is passed and your keys have been returned.