Accommodation Fees

2023-2024 Graduate Building Accommodation Fees 

Please refer to the Fee Payment page for all payment details.

United's Graduate Students Apartments are considered a "student residence" (line 6114) for Ontario tax credit claims. We do not issue official tax receipts as you do not pay tax on your housing at United.

Apartment rental fees ​​​: 

1-Bedroom Apartment | $1,550 per month 

2-Bedroom Apartment | $1,850 per month 

Apartment rent includes: Apartment rent does not include:


Air Conditioning 



Internet (UW IST)

Use of all common spaces 

Parking (available for purchase each term)





Furniture (can be rented on a term-by-term basis)

A last month's rent deposit is required when signing an apartment contract. This deposit is used towards the final month of occupancy.

Shared Suites and Private Room fees 

All units are fully furnished and prices include heat, air conditioning, electricity, water, internet (UW IST) and use of all common spaces. 

Unit type

Special rate for three-term contracts * Regular rate for two-term contracts **
Economy suite (no lounge) $3,362 per person per term $5,024 per person per term
2-bedroom suite (with lounge) $3,531 per person per term $5,180 per person per term
3-bedroom suite (with lounge) $3,362 per person per term $5,024 per person per term
Private room (with bathroom, microwave and bar fridge; access to shared kitchen) $3,531 per person per term $5,180 per person per term

* Special rate applies to contracts consisting of three consecutive terms, single-term renewals on three-term contracts, and single-term contracts in Winter or Spring (subject to availability)

** Regular rate applies to 2-term contracts: Fall/Winter or Fall/Spring

A $500 deposit is required when signing a shared suite or private room contract. This deposit is returned after the final inspection is passed and your keys have been returned.